Government Recognized Institute Registration No 14210091

Achievements and  Success of ACE:

  • Over 8000 Young people from the disadvantaged have received exposure and training in Computer education during last 12 year . In last 3 years above 2028 .
  • Students become financially independent.  During last 12 years 80 % students received jobs which are more than 6400. Of them 30% get job immediately after the course, and remaining during next 3 years.
  • 40% students who receive job are in position to support their families. Most can  earn enough to support their educational expenses
  • Educating four hearing impaired students in  computer knowledge in  MSCIT, of them three passed.
  • Students receive equality based treatment and environment regardless of their background (SC/ST/VJNT/Hindus/Muslim/ Tribal)
  • 90% Parents trust Aryaloka institute regarding Girls safety, security and quality training and women’s guidance
  • Students develop communication skills, understanding, respectfulness, discipline and mature which help them to become effective in workplace
  • Internship programes is a successful strategy which provided opportunity to over 25 BPL students to get work experience in 5 institutes. They gain experience in teaching IT skills, earning and personality development increasing employment prospect.
  • 2 Coordinators working in Aryloka become well trained experience to look after centers independently.  Seven  people became  intern in Aryloka Institute and are handling coordinators responsibilities else where.
  • Every year over 30 % Students develop English speaking,  and communication skills and acquire better jobs in English speaking environment earning  Rs 5000/- to 7000/-
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