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Ankita Wadekar

Batch  Year 2012-13
– Ankita Pramod Wadekar
Address – Gali no 1, Maya nagar, behind Laghuwetan colony, Nagpur-1
Date of birth – 18/05/1996
Caste – SC
Course attend – MSCIT
Annual family income – Nil (staying at Uncle’s house at Nagpur) and Uncle’s income is Rs. 60000/-
Family members – more than 5

She is currently doing internship at Aryaloka computer institute and earning 2000/- Rs per month.

“Myself Ankita Wadekar, in my childhood my father married to another women and stop supporting us. My mother died soon. After that I stayed with my grandmother at Nagpur. My grandmother loves me lot but other relatives always dominated me sometimes I used to cry and always feel that I am alone in the world. In such a difficult situation I did my 12th education and joined MSCIT course at Aryaloka computer Institute. After the course Aryaloka generously offer me the internship for 1 year which was needed me desperately. Now I am earning 2000/- Rs per month and supporting myself financially. It encourages my confidence to live independently but I can’t live without my grandmother. Hope after internship I will get better job and I will do my graduation simultaneously as well. If I will get good marks I would like to do textile engineering.”

“I deeply express my gratitude towards Aryaloka for giving me internship. It’s a turning point in my life. I wish them in every success.”