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Gunjan Sahar

Batch year 2012-13
– Gunjan Manoj Sahar
Address – Near Famous student’s Association, Gaddigodam, Goutamnagar, Nagpur
Date of birth – 13/09/1993
Caste – SC
Course joined – MS office, Internet, DTP, MSCIT and also done internship for 1 year.
Family income – 40000/- annual
Family members – 4

She is currently working as a computer operator and earning 5000/ Rs per month.

“Within one year I have completed the courses MS-office, DTP, Tally, Internet and MSCIT. Many thanks for allow me to above courses in 400 Rs only. I am very much interested in to complete my academic education as well. I completed ITI from Government collage and join Poly-technique collage. Lack of finance I was in a very difficult situation. My father insisted me to do part time job but how I could do job with education. When I shared my situation with Sujata mam then she offered me to do Internship at Institute in the evening shift. That suits me to attend college in the morning and internship in the evening. It has given me chance to survive and carry on my further education. After the internship immediately I got offer to do another part – time job with better salary of 5000/- per month. So currently I am earning 5000/- per month and supporting my family living happy life.”

It’s unable to achieve the success if Aryaloka not offer me courses and Internship. Training and Internship made my foundation stronger. In the future I would like to become an IT engineer.