Help us to transform lives of young Indians

Helping the poorest in India to join the IT revolution

Aryaloka Computer Education (ACE) is a Triratna Buddhist project offering subsidized IT education to some of India’s poorest and most excluded people, so helping them to transform their lives. ACE was established 16 years ago and has been growing steadily ever since.

Our vision is of an India where even children from the poorest and caste-ridden backgrounds are able to earn a decent living, and so enjoy a fully human life within mainstream society.

Children from poor disadvantage backgrounds receive no IT tuition in school and so are destined to be excluded from any work involving IT, let alone any involving specialist IT skills. In reality this can mean a life of grinding manual work, with no security beyond that day’s wages.

ACE offers computer training courses in MS Office, Tally, DTP Hardware and digital animation. During the last 14 years the ACE has offered training to over 9,000 students from disadvantaged backgrounds, with most gaining the Maharashtra state IT certificate and nearly 70% of students going on to meaningful, well-paid work.

In this way ACE has established itself as a right livelihood situation for people who want to practice Buddhism in daily life. We have also opened a new branch in Raipur, Chhattisgarh state where some young people are getting the opportunity to practice and deepen their going for refuge in a right livelihood situation. We would like to expand this venture in other states of India including Bihar, Orissa etc.

Raising funds for what purpose….. 

We have successfully raised enough loans and grants to buy a new building/premises at 45, Sadhu Mohalla, near 10 no Puliya, Kamptee road, Indora, Nagpur. Many thanks for supporting the project. It’s a very important contribution you all have made for the benefit of many young Indians.

We have also completed the ground floor and first floor. The center is fully functioning now and running following activities:

  1. Headquarters for all ACE branches in India.
  2. Computer Institute right livelihood project
  3. Residential community for 10 young men
  4. Buddhist Shrine room for 80 people
  5. Guest rooms
  6. We are in the process of creating a Buddhist liabrary.
  7. Career guidance and counselling centre.
  8. Running various kinds of workshops.

We are looking for fund for following purposes…..

  1. As we have borrowed huge amount of money 20000 GBP (interest free) from individual order members from UK 2 years ago for buying building. Need to repay in next 3 yrs time.
  2. We also borrowed 35000 GBP for 15 years it has planned to repay every year by saving monthly rent (250 GBP).
  3. Need funds for interior decoration 2 lacs rupees approximately 2500 GBP.
  4. Also planning to buy Solar Panel for 6 KW for Institute at Indora, Nagpur. The cost goes 4 lacs rupees by reducing government subsidy. 5000 GBP

If you are able, please consider donating a gift of around £500 to make this project a reality.