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Sunita Kamble

Batch Year 2014-15 ( Aryaloka Computer Education, Indora Nagpur)
– Sunita Suresh Kamble
Address – Navanakasha, Near Vima dispensary, Kamal square, Nagpur
Age – 25 yrs as on 2015
Caste – SC
Qualification – B. Com. II nd yr appeared
Course attended – MSCIT and DTP

“My name is Sunita Kamble and I am married and have a daughter age 2 yrs. But now I am living with my mom, my father died in my childhood. I got married at the age of 22 and my husband used to work in private sector. The life was average for first 2 and half yrs and suddenly my husband started drinking alcohol. He stopped doing job and soon we came in deep financial crises. He is also not allowing me to go for job. We also used to quarrel lot and I deeply came in to frustration and left husbands home and started living with my mom. My mother washing up dishes at some houses and looks after herself in minimum income. To pay the rent and look after my baby it’s a very big deal for me. Later on my husband has gone out without informing us. I tried to lodge a complaint in Police Station but didn’t know yet where he is?  At last I have decided to find job but because of no IT skills I didn’t get any suitable job. I was totally collapse and in hopeless, very frustrated and painful situation. Later on Darshan Sir helps me and encourage me to join MSCIT, DTP course at Aryaloka Computer Education. I wasn’t even able to pay a exam fees of the course. So Darshan allowed me to join the course free.  The IT course created a new hope in my life. I can say that because of IT course I got new life. During the course I got a job and when I finished the course immediately I got opportnity to give interview for even better job in Chevrolet Stars Motors and earning 7000 Rs per month.”

From the bottom of my heart I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards Aryaloka Computer Education for creating an opportunity for me and for others 100s of women’s to change their worst lives into better life.